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The past few times I have started to create a new mandala, I’ve  picked up my pendulum for guidance. I’ve asked how many rays I should use for the next mandala. Everytime I’ve asked I have received the same reply.


Today I asked, is there a reason you are guiding me to seven? (I know. Duh, right?) And then I asked, Do you want me to learn more about the number seven?

So this will be my journey for a while.

I have been fascinated with numerology since I was in grade school. My mother was a seeker and I was her apprentice. She read an article about numerology in some woman’s magazine way back then, and we both were fascinated. Now that I am older, I am an apprentice once again. I am more conscious these days. I am waking up to who I am, and I rejoice that I am not alone. The Age of Aquarius has even arrived, on Valentine’s Day this year.

awareness of seven

When I finished the beginning stages of this mandala, I gasped and could feel my heart opening. I also grounded and claimed seniority. This mandala looks juicy and fresh. I also see the beings which appear in most of my work. I can rationalize that as being part of the joy of working in symmetry, but I know there is more.

I love this part of my life, full of newness.

I started this blog because I wanted to write about my experiences separate from the other places where I write. They are, of course, all entwined. Whatever needs to come out of this place will be made known over time.

Who wants to join me in the journey?


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