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fire begonia copy

Fire Begonia Mandala –  © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

As I was creating this image, I realized how much mandala making helps me see. As I stay aware of what I’m doing, sometimes I find solutions to self-induced creative problems. It’s so easy to get all bunched up inside. I suppose this is true for lots of artists, as we learn new techniques and consider new possibilities. But I love those Aha! moments that help me realize how limiting my thinking is at times. When I allow Spirit to guide me towards the answers I need, and not keep my arms mentally crossed against my chest, I am awarded immediate awards of awareness.

And here I am, working with the lucky number 13 in this mandala, which often connotes simultaneous endings and beginnings. I believe Spirit is telling me it is time to put some closure on my self-limiting thinking and believing in order to move forward to the larger life I desire.

How about you?


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